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35mm, Film, Patterns, Light, Shopping

26 Dec

photos, pictures, images, 35mm, Film, Patterns, Light, Shopping foto35mm, Film, Patterns, Light, Shopping


Red, Shop, Solaris, Film, Tokyo

26 Dec

photos, pictures, images, Red, Shop, Solaris, Film, Tokyo fotoRed, Shop, Solaris, Film, Tokyo

Lights, Film, Canon., Paris, Shop

26 Dec

photos, pictures, images, Lights, Film, Canon., Paris, Shop fotoLights, Film, Canon., Paris, Shop
untitled by ask_alaska on Flickr.

Film, Dblringexcellence, Mostinteresting, Wyoming, Tetons

26 Dec

photos, pictures, images, Film, Dblringexcellence, Mostinteresting, Wyoming, Tetons fotoFilm, Dblringexcellence, Mostinteresting, Wyoming, Tetons
Teton Sunset 1996 by It’s my whole damn raison d’etre on Flickr.

Film, Feminism, Sociology, Gender, Parenting

26 Dec

photos, pictures, images, Film, Feminism, Sociology, Gender, Parenting fotoFilm, Feminism, Sociology, Gender, Parenting
NEWSFLASH: The newest Disney princess (Anna from Frozen) has eyes bigger than her wrists. Yep — thanks to work by sociologist Philip N. Cohen — we can now chew on that fact for a while. While cartoons…


20 Dec

photos, pictures, images, Politica, FILM, CODY WALKER fotoPolitica, FILM, CODY WALKER

Film, Apr, 6×6, 2012, Epr

19 Dec

photos, pictures, images, Film, Apr, 6x6, 2012, Epr fotoFilm, Apr, 6×6, 2012, Epr
2012-04-12_11:19 by h-pom on Flickr.